2015 Scholarship Winner

The recipient of the 2015 Vet Tech Schools Scholarship is Erin French (18), New Hampshire high school senior.

Winning Essay

Erin French, 2015 Vet Tech Schools Scholarship Winner

Erin French, 2015 Vet Tech Schools Scholarship Winner

Why do I want to become a veterinary technician? This is a question that I have encountered many times.  The easiest answer is, “Because I love animals”, yet this is not a sufficient explanation.  Millions of people “love animals”, yet a mere fraction decide to dedicate their career, their life to the creatures.

In my eighteen years of life, I have always been surrounded by animals: I even learned how to stand by grasping tufts of my patient Norwegian Elkhound’s thick coat and pulling myself up.  My parents taught me how to be a proper pet owner, to view them as family members.  Yet my intent to care for animals has been developed by nature as well as nurture: since I was a toddler, I have shown respect to all animals — even those that most find too hairy, scary, or slimy.  Most of my summers were spent befriending toads, worms, grasshoppers, and the like.

Even as I grew older, this respect continued.  My first — and current — job was training dogs at a shelter.  By my high school years, I knew that I wanted to study veterinary medicine and behavior.  My father is a nurse, so the medical field is not a complete stranger, and is very interesting to me.  I first wanted to become a veterinarian, but after a job shadow at my vet’s office, I found that veterinary technology was the better fit for me.  I like that all of the tech’s responsibilities include the animal; they get more hands-on time with the animal while still assisting in surgeries, exams, and the lab.  I love the excitement of being at a veterinary office: new knowledge hidden behind each instrument, a life being saved by a pair of gloved hands.  The most exciting part? Soon, those hands will be mine.