Vet Tech Schools In Alaska

Dog after surgical interventionAspiring students can find several vet tech schools in Alaska as it is the largest state in the US, and more and more educational institutions are seeing the potential of the industry. This state, which is a vibrant combination of urban regions and large rural and wilderness areas, possesses a growing veterinary care sector. Due to this, the need for skilled veterinary technicians continues to be an important factor in Alaska. A veterinary technician works along with a veterinarian and helps to care for patients. Working with animals can be fun and rewarding. The right training and education can put you on the road to a career as a veterinary technician. A vet tech also performs tasks in the veterinary office, lab and operating room. He/she sterilizes surgical equipment, takes x-rays, and collects blood or urine specimens for testing. You can become the best vet tech if you have great communication skills and love for animals.

How To Become A Vet Tech In Alaska

Basic Requirements

Your vet tech program should start before you begin training, which means you should be a high school graduate or possess a GED. You should also have taken several math and science courses while in high school.

Students have different options in finishing one of the vet tech programs available in Alaska.

  • Full –time student: A full-time course taken in a vet tech school in Alaska will take around two years or four semesters to complete. This program is ideal, because you can finish your studies soon and you can be more focused on your studies, as you have devoted your full time to it.
  • Part – time student: If you want to earn an income to fund your studies, you can choose a part time course offered in vet tech schools in Alaska. You can take a few academic units for each semester, but the length of time it will take to finish the course will be longer.
  • Online enrollee: There are students who are unable to attend a vet tech school and these people can complete the course in veterinary assistance through distance learning, primarily through online courses.

Career Description


Veterinary technicians occupy essential roles in any hospital or clinic. If you wish, you can use this job as a springboard to become a veterinarian in the future. The common duties of a vet tech include:

  • Conducting the initial exam, obtaining the baseline information that the veterinarian will need to treat the animal.
  • In emergencies, a vet tech provides first aid to stabilize the severely injured or ill animals.
  • He/she works as the surgical assistant.
  • Administers drugs prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • Vet tech specialties like clinical pathology, internal medicine and behavioral medicine can improve career options and salary.


A job as a vet tech requires certain credentials and education. If you desire to work in this field, you may have to:

  • Complete a vet tech program at an accredited school.
  • Alternately, you can also complete two years of on-the-job training instead of the vet tech program. This requires the candidate to have worked under a licensed veterinarian for two years.
  • Passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE), this is a computerized test that you have to pass to become licensed. To take the exam, you should contact the American Association of Veterinary State Boards and schedule a test date at a location near you. After completing the vet tech program and the VTNE, you can apply for a license from the State of Alaska’s Department of Commerce.
  • Three letters of recommendation

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Alaska veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Alaska Vet Tech Schools

Since there are no accredited on-campus programs in Alaska, you should look online for vet tech courses. There are several online vet tech schools, such as;

Becoming a veterinary technician is the perfect choice if you love animals. This work is extremely satisfying and also pays well. A vet tech must have a strong work ethic, have a full grasp of veterinary medicine, and be able to communicate well with the public and coworkers.