Vet Schools in Arkansas

In recent years, many aspiring students have understood the importance of a career in veterinary science. If you want to be a certified vet tech, it can be a great career choice. When you’re a vet tech, you can choose to specialize in different areas, such as exotic animals or farm animals. There are many different vet schools in Arkansas. Before you choose a school, you need valuable information about certification, schools in Arkansas and educational requirements.

How to Become a Vet Tech in Arkansas?

vet-teamworkThere are many aspiring vet technicians who acquire training by applying for an Associate’s degree program. If you want to be a certified vet tech, you need to choose a course from an accredited college. When you’re studying to become a vet tech, you need to focus on different subjects, such as large animal care, physiology, anatomy etc.

During the course, students need to focus on laboratory work and clinical practice. Most vet schools in Arkansas have their private farms where students can interact with various animals, such as pigs, horses, cows and more. With easy access to animals, students can learn about various kinds of animals.

While going through the course, students may even participate in several internships. There are many students who even complete clinical rotations and perform community service in Arkansas animal hospitals. With internships and clinical rotations, students gain valuable experience in different subjects, such as anesthesiology, diagnostic imaging, animal medicine, animal nursing, parasitology and more.

Career Description

Veterinary technicians in Arkansas have to perform many different duties. For instance, technicians specializing in care of farm animals need to work in clinics, hospitals and other establishments in Arkansas. They also need to assist people working in farms and ranches. Their duties range from ensuring health of these animals to vaccine administration. Some technicians even record case histories, and monitor animal behavior and diets.

Most vet schools in Arkansas are accredited and recognized. Therefore, these schools provide students with many different programs to further their career. As mentioned earlier, before you enroll yourself in a school, you should consider many important things, such as your ambitions and goals. Most students spend around 8 years on their education to gain experience and knowledge.

As a veterinary technician, you need to understand the difference between your duties and that of a professional veterinarian. Veterinary technicians need to assist experienced professionals in many different tasks. Most students just need a Bachelor’s degree to get certification. However, higher education may be required to further your reach.



It’s very important to understand that some states vary in licensing and certification requirements. Most veterinary technician schools need students to apply for the certification examination once they complete the training. Other states have different licensing and certification requirements.

Most states in the United States require students to give the VTNE or Vet Tech National Exam. The exam is administered and controlled by the American Association of Vet State Boards. Moreover, if you want to work in the field or research further, you need certification from the American Association for Lab Animal Science.

While studying in most schools, you will learn a lot of things about different animals. There are some students who study a combination of many different courses. Most courses require students to spend a good amount of time in labs and clinics. When you receive training in such situations, you work with reputed, experienced and professional veterinarians. Professionals will help you learn everything about veterinary issues and medicine.

It’s important to understand that vet schools in Arkansas let you choose a specific field of study. You can choose a course on the basis of your preference. You can focus on different kinds of animals, such as small, large and exotic. Most veterinary schools in Arkansas teach you about various vet medicines. Vet techs don’t need to sit in classes for theory lessons. Most of the time, they work in the field.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Arkansas veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Arkansas Vet Tech Schools

As mentioned earlier, Arkansas has many good veterinary schools. Thus, you can easily choose from various options. You can even gather extensive information about these schools online. Most schools have their own website where you can check the courses, details on the syllabus and more. Some good vet tech schools in Arkansas include :