Vet Tech Schools In Connecticut

Veterinary esamica the dog's heartA veterinary technician job is a perfectly respectable job that enables you to work with the animals you love quite closely. You will be able to take care of the health of these animals directly, under the supervision of a veterinary doctor.

Connecticut is a wonderful place to work as a vet tech. The median salary for technicians of that nature is higher than the national average. If you manage to graduate from a vet tech program, you will have a chance to work in the veterinary medicine industry and earn a decent living while you are at it.

How to become a vet tech in Connecticut

You should have good scores in science as well as math if you want to become a vet tech in Connecticut. You could then find one of the best vet tech schools in Connecticut and enroll in the appropriate program.

You have the option of enrolling for a two-year Associate degree in Applied Science or a four-year bachelor’s degree in the same or its equivalent.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) should accredit the school that you choose to study in. That way, you can be sure that you are receiving education of the highest standard possible.

In addition to doing theoretical study, you will require about 30 hours of externship in a veterinary hospital. After completing your studies, you will then graduate with the relevant degree.

Before you become a licensed and certified vet tech however, you will need to take a national exam. This exam is the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). If you did not study in an AVMA accredited institution, you will not be able to do the exam in many cases.

You should try to pass the VTNE at first try with a score of at least 425. You can retake the exam four more times, if you fail the first time. That is why you need to be prepared adequately before you do the exam.

Once you pass the VTNE, you should consider being certified under the Connecticut Veterinary Technician Association (CVTA). After that, the chances of getting a good job as well as a salary in a vet tech position, will improve.

Career Description of vet techs in Connecticut


When you become a vet tech in Connecticut, you will have be able to carry out a number of tasks.

These are outlined below.

  • You can provide nursing care as well as first aid to animals.
  • You can help a veterinary doctor in making diagnoses using different tests such as x-rays and blood count.
  • You can aid veterinary doctors during animal examinations.
  • You can prep animals for surgery and assist during surgical procedures
  • You can educate animal owners on how to take care of their animals better.
  • You can monitor animals after surgery
  • You will also help in enforcing humane treatment of lab animals.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Connecticut veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The basic certification you need is the one you will get after taking a VTNE. This is given courtesy of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). Without this, you cannot begin to work as a vet tech in any part of the country.

You should also get the CVTA certification. This certification is not mandatory. However, it is preferable. This will enable you to obtain better vet tech job opportunities within Connecticut.

If you intend to specialize in research as a veterinary technician, consider getting a specialty certification. This can be obtained courtesy of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).

State Vet tech Schools in Connecticut

A number of colleges in Connecticut offer you the chance to become a vet tech. However, not all these colleges have been accredited by AVMA. Below are some state schools in Connecticut, which have.

All the three vet tech schools in Connecticut listed above have full accreditation. The latter two are online schools, which may offer you a more flexible study schedule than you would get ordinarily.


By becoming a vet tech, you will be at the forefront of giving treatment and care to animals, both livestock and pets. Ensure therefore, that you select the best study option for your needs. That way, you will have a higher chance of working in your dream job. The higher the quality of education you have, the more opportunities you have for advancing your career in the future.