Vet Tech Schools In Idaho

vet-teamworkThe veterinary branch of medicine has over the years become an integral component of this industry, and now more than ever offers plenty of full time career opportunities apart from been a veterinary practitioner. To effectually carry out their widely varied functions, vets are increasingly relying on skilled and highly experienced vet techs as well as vet assistants. The former profession has become virtually indispensable not only in rural veterinary practices, but also in most urban facilities all across the nation.

How to become a vet tech in Idaho

Taking a case study of the state of Idaho, vet techs are recognized as unlicensed veterinary facilities’ employees who are responsible for a wide range of unique animal care duties in such establishments. As per the veterinary practice act, these professionals are categorized as either vet techs or certified vet techs.

Vet techs must have graduated from a veterinary technology course from any of the many vet tech schools in Idaho that are accredited by the committee of veterinary technicians education & activities (CVTEA) of this state. That is an integral part of the American veterinary medical Association (AVMA). Certified vet techs who wish to practice their profession in this state must meet the minimum qualifications dictated by the above mentioned board. As well as been fully certified to practice veterinary technology in Idaho from the same board.

Career description

A vet tech, like earlier mentioned, is an important component of any veterinary facility, and usually carries out orders in animal care from a supervising vet. Such a professional offers services within the confines of veterinary medicine, and out of necessity needs to have an uncommon understanding of this field to undertake the various assignments handed to him/her. Some of the duties a vet tech is expected to carry out include:

Making initial physical evaluation of all animals brought to the facility either suffering from injury or disease. This can consist of taking their measurements as well as making inferences and tabulating records of the various symptoms they exhibit. A vet tech is also required to offer initial first aid to stabilize animals prior to a vet making diagnosis and prescribing the appropriate treatment.

Such a veterinary professional is also expected to administer medication prescribed by the vet. While also comprehensively instruct owners on how to do the same for the medicine they will be sent home with. Additionally, in certain not very rare occasions, a vet tech can be required to tranquilize an overly frightened animal or one that may exhibit hostility to the veterinary team attending to it.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Idaho veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Any vet tech aspiring to practice in the state of Idaho must hold a valid certification. That is issued by the committee of veterinary technicians educations and activities for this state, upon successful application. Individuals who wish to be vet techs in Idaho are also required to pass the Idaho vet tech jurisprudence exam with at least a 90% score. They should also have graduated from an American veterinary medical association accredited course in veterinary technology or an equivalent program approved by the board.

As well as passing the veterinary technology national examination (VTNE) conducted by any of the accredited vet tech schools in Idaho or any other states. Which is approved by the American association of veterinary state boards. Graduates holding a veterinary degree (either VMA or DVM) that is accredited by the American veterinary medical association (AVMA) are also eligible for vet tech certification in the state of Idaho. Finally, holders of board approved foreign veterinary graduate courses can also be in a position to become vet techs in this state.

Idaho vet tech schools

Like earlier stated, there is a plethora of excellent accredited vet schools in Idaho and it can be very easy to pursue such education. Which for most part can either be a 2 year degree course or a bachelor level course, according to your preferences.

Some of the most prominent colleges/universities that offer such programs are: Mackie College – Boise that has a flexible one course per month learning schedule. College of South Idaho is also an excellent option for such courses. As well as Brighton Young University Idaho, Ashworth college and Kaplan University. The last two also offer online veterinary technology courses that let you learn at your own pace and schedule.