Vet Tech Schools in Iowa

vet techAccording to industry experts, veterinary technician is one career choice that has been showing great promise. In recent years, the demand for vet techs has rapidly increased, and animal hospitals, clinics and other establishments are willing to pay more. Due to this, many vet tech schools in Iowa have been offering high quality programs and courses to aspiring students.

There are a lot of good vet tech schools in the state. However, you can’t just pick any school to receive your education. It’s important to conduct an extensive research about this career choice, and gather information about certification, educational requirements and more.

How to Become a Vet Tech in Iowa?

Most students prefer to choose a vet tech school offering an Associate’s degree. It can help you become a vet tech. However, you can also choose a Bachelor’s degree to further your career. In order to become a certified veterinary technician, you will have to choose an accredited school. When you’re studying your course, you will need to focus on many important subjects, such as animal anatomy, physiology, care and more.

When you’re studying in an accredited and recognized school, you will have to participate in lab work and clinical practice. Many colleges and schools in the state provide students with access to different animals. Due to this, students can learn more about veterinary medicine and different kinds of animals.

While studying in a veterinary school, you can indulge yourself in an internship. Students also participate in community service and clinical rotations in various animal hospitals, farms and ranches. With all these activities, students can learn many new things and gain more experience. They are able to expand their reach. With so much to offer, vet tech schools help you gain a better hold on different kinds of subjects, such as animal medicine, nursing, care, vaccination and more.

Career Description

Most veterinary technicians working in Iowa need to perform various duties and handle multiple responsibilities. For instance, vet techs need to visit clinics, hospitals, farms and ranches to assist people with animal care and vaccination. Overall, vet techs need to ensure proper health of animals in the state.

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It’s worth mentioning that vet techs in Iowa are accredited, certified and recognized. The primary reason is the abundance of accredited vet tech schools in Iowa. While choosing a vet school, you need to consider some important things, and gather more information. In most cases, if you want to expand your reach and further your career, it may take about 8 years to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

When you’re working as a veterinary tech, it’s important to understand that your duties are different from a professional veterinarian. However, you will still have to assist a veterinarian with his duties and responsibilities. A Bachelor’s degree may be sufficient to apply for certification. However, it’s always better if you seek higher education to further your career.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Iowa veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Before you can start working in clinical settings and hospitals, you need to get certified. In order to get certified, you need to apply for VTNE certification. Most colleges and schools prepare you for this examination. The exam is controlled by the American Asso. of Vet State Boards. There are some other certifications that can also further your career. Most students choose them when they’re interested in research work.

When you’re studying in veterinary technician schools, you’re able to learn a lot of things about various animals. There are many students who take multiple courses to expand their reach. Most courses require you to spend a lot of time in labs and clinics. During your training, you also need to work with professional vets. They can help you learn more about this field.

When you’re studying in a vet tech school, you’re able to choose a specific field of study. Your choice will depend on your preferences and budget. Since there are many different options, you can focus on different kinds of animals. There are many schools that also teach students about vet medicines.

Iowa Vet Tech Schools

As discussed earlier, Iowa offers many different choices between exceptional vet tech schools. These days, it’s easy to find more information about a vet tech school on the Internet. You can simply visit a school’s website, and gather more information about the course. Some of the best vet tech schools in Iowa include :