Vet Tech Schools in Louisiana

In the last few years, a lot of aspiring vet tech students have realized the importance of this career choice. The field of veterinary science has been gaining tremendous popularity across the country. In case you want to get certified in the field, you should look for vet tech schools in Louisiana.

There are many good schools in the state that offer high quality programs for aspiring students. Before choosing a school, it’s important to gather some valuable information about various educational requirements, certification and other aspects of this career choice.

How to Become a Vet Tech in Louisiana?

veterinary doctor checking dogThere are a lot of aspiring vet techs who receive their training after going through an Associate’s degree course. When you want to become a certified vet tech, it’s important to look for an accredited school. During your course, you will have to focus on different areas of study, such as physiology, large animal care, anatomy and more.

While studying in an accredited college, you will have to indulge yourself in clinical practice and lab work. Many schools and colleges in Louisiana even have their own farm areas where students get easy access to all kinds of animals. This makes sure students are able to learn a lot about animals and veterinary medicine.

When you’re studying the program, you can also participate in an internship. Some students even prefer to participate in clinical rotations, and even perform valuable community service in local hospitals. With such activities, students are able to gain more experience, and expand their reach. They also get a better hold on subjects, such as diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology, animal medicine, parasitology, animal nursing and more.

Career Description

Vet techs working in Louisiana need to perform a wide range of duties. For instance, they need to visit farms and assist people in maintaining proper health of their animals. Similarly, they need to work in local animal hospitals and attend requests from Louisiana residents. Some vet techs even visit homes to take care of the animals. Ensuring proper health of animals and vaccine administration are the most important duties performed by vet techs.

Most veterinary technicians working in Louisiana are recognized and accredited. They graduate from accredited vet tech schools in Louisiana. Before you choose a veterinary school, it’s important to consider some important factors. For instance, you need to focus on your long term goals and ambitions. Most students need to spend over 6-7 years on their education to expand their knowledge and reach.

When you’re a vet tech, you should understand the key differences between your duties and the responsibilities of a professional veterinarian. Though these are two different profiles, you need to assist a professional veterinarian in clinical settings and hospitals. Most students can get certified after getting a Bachelor’s degree. However, it’s important to apply for higher education.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Louisiana veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


veterinary technician

Almost every state in the country requires students to apply for the VTNE certification. In order to get certified, you need to give the Vet Tech National Examination. This exam is controlled by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. You can also look for other certifications to further your career, and get into some research work.

While studying in vet tech schools, you can learn many different things about all kinds of animals. Some students even prefer to study multiple courses together. In most courses, you need to spend time in clinics and labs. During the training, you need to work with professional and experienced veterinarians. Professionals can help you learn everything about this field.

It’s worth mentioning that vet tech schools allow you to choose a particular field of study. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a course in a vet school. This allows you to focus on many different types of animals, such as large, small and exotic. Most schools even teach you about veterinary medicines.

Louisiana Vet Tech Schools

As mentioned above, Louisiana offers a choice between many different vet tech schools. These days, you can easily find more information about these schools online. On a school’s website, you can know more about the courses, credits required, duration of the course, syllabus and more. Some of the best vet tech schools in Louisiana include :