Vet Tech Schools in North Dakota

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People choosing to pursue a career as veterinary technicians in North Dakota are making a wise decision. This is because job opportunities for veterinary technicians are on the rise all over the country. Prospect vet techs should enroll in any of the accredited vet tech programs in ND. The programs are usually two resulting to an associate’s degree in veterinary technology, although there are few bachelor’s degree programs that last for four years. Graduates may join the NDVTA, North Dakota Veterinary Technician Association that updates vet techs with current advancement in veterinary technology and lets them network with one another.

How to become a vet tech in North Dakota

In North Dakota, vet techs are supposed to have completed high school as well as an accredited veterinary technician program in order to start practicing. The accredited program may be completed trough traditional or online schools. Most of the programs take 16-24 months to complete, depending on the organization of the school.

Students undertaking a veterinary technology program undertake general education coursework with practical or lab sessions to complete the two year associate’s degree. The training involves taking specific courses in animal science such as animal pathology, veterinary science and animal anatomy in order to master the clinical care animals and laboratory testing of the major systems of animals. Lab sessions are very crucial since they provide hands-on experience and allow students to understand the daily duties of a licensed veterinary technician even when at school.

Graduates who pass the VTNE and get registered may look for jobs in various veterinary or lab facilities that include zoological institutions, research facilities, private practice, animal shelters and regular animal clinics.

Vet tech schools in North Dakota

Students in North Dakota who want to be veterinary technicians have only one campus which, is approved by the AVMA. The campus is known as North Dakota State University, which is located in Fargo. The school has a four year program that provides graduates with a bachelor’s of science degree in veterinary technology. Its vet tech program is fully accredited by the AVMA. It is offered by the Department of Animal Science in Robinson Hall. It has two classrooms, a vet clinic, surgery suite, radiography room and darkroom. Students who complete their program are ready to sit for the VTNE.

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North Dakota students can earn a degree in veterinary technology without undertaking the traditional classes. They can utilize the distance learning option which is offered by online schools to teach students. Some of these schools include;

  • Purdue University – It has a vet tech program that leads to an associate degree in applied science. Purdue University has AVMA accreditation, and it trains students about radiology, client education, animal care and anesthesia.
  • Penn Foster – It has an excellent and approved vet tech program that leads to an associate’s degree. Students are trained in various areas such as surgery preparation, sample collection, lab work, first aid for animals and collection of animal medical history.

Career description


Veterinary technicians are very crucial workers in animal health care groups. They assist biomedical researchers, veterinarians and other scientists do their work. The assistance is not always easy for it is demanding at times and demands lots of skills.

They help the veterinarian by performing various tasks in the office that include transferring patients’ data into computer for storage and easier retrieval when need arises. They also help in the operation room and during field work. They maintain high standards of laboratory practice and animal care.

Some of the routine duties of qualified veterinary technicians include hospital or office management, surgical assisting, anesthesiology, radiography, dental prophylaxis, clinical laboratory procedures, administration of vaccines and medicines, client education, patient history, physical examination and caring for the hospitalized patients.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of North Dakota veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


North Dakota Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is responsible for all the regulations as well as licensing of veterinary technicians in ND. Students who complete an accredited AVMA program can look for approval from the board to take the VTNE. The students can also take the national exam six months before, depending on the school and the program offered. Students who pass the VTNE are free to apply for certification and registration by the board. The application requires them to submit their photo, a copy of their certificate and notarized copy. The applicants are licensed and free to practice immediately after submitting the necessary documents since North Dakota doesn’t have a state exam.