Vet Tech Schools In Oregon

How To Become A Veterinary Technician In Oregon

veterinary giving the vaccine to the little catIf you have decided to become a vet tech in the state of Oregon, then the first step you need to take is completing an accredited veterinary technician program. These programs must be offered by a school that has been previously accredited by the AVMA, or the American Veterinary medical Association, as this is the only way to make sure that the courses within that training program are designed to meet the state requirements, and that you will be fully prepared for your duty in the long run.

AVMA accredited programs are available for vocational schools and for community colleges all across Oregon, and these programs can require a few months up to two years to complete. Some of them may require students to be physically present, while others may have provisions for online classes. Upon graduation, students must pass the national exam and then to become certified/licensed in order to work legally as veterinary technicians in the state of Oregon.

A Brief Overview Of Some Of The Available Vet Tech Schools In Oregon

There are several state schools in Oregon that offer training programs for students who want to become veterinary technicians, and perhaps the most reputable one is the Oregon State University or OSU. The College of Veterinary Medicine within the Oregon State university is committed to offering the world a next generation of veterinarians ready to practice as soon as they graduate, and it helps students achieve practical training through state of the art diagnostic equipment. Moreover, students from the College of Veterinary Medicine will also conduct biomedical research.

In addition to the Oregon State University, there are several other community colleges that offer training programs for get techs, such as the Carrington College in Portland, the Portland Community College, the Linn-Benton community college or the Sanford-Brown college in Portland.

Vet Tech Job Description

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Veterinary technicians are trained animal health care providers who offer front line care services for animal patients. They work under the direct supervision of a veterinarians, and they care for dogs, cats, exotic pets as well as farm and zoo animals.

The job duties and requirements of a veterinary technician can vary greatly depending on the work environment, but these professionals often deal with nursing, imaging and laboratory work services, they provide nursing care and first aid, they assist veterinarians during surgical procedures, they offer customer services, they constantly monitor the condition of the patients, conduct routine procedures such as immunizations or dental cleanings, they prepare the animals for surgery and they also educate the public about various illnesses and diseases that certain animals may be predisposed to.

A career as a veterinary technician is often extremely rewarding for those who are passionate about working with and for animals, and statistically speaking more than 90% of the veterinary technicians that are currently employed in the United States of America work in private clinics, zoos, boarding kennels, laboratories, animal hospitals, rescue leagues as well as animal shelters. Vet techs can also be widely found in wildlife control units, livestock facilities and even in the military field, and just like their job duties and responsibilities, their working schedule can also vary greatly from one environment to another. Generally speaking, those who work for private clinics or private animals hospitals tend to have regular working hours.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Oregon veterinary technicians compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Getting Certified As A Vet Tech In Oregon


Obtaining your license as a veterinary technician in Oregon is the final step that you need to take towards pursuing a lucrative career in the field. The review body responsible or controlling the licensure of veterinary technicians in Oregon or OVMEB, or the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examiner Board, and there are several basic requirements that each applicant must meet in order to be eligible for the licensure.

After graduating from an AVMA accredited vet tech program, students must pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination and complete the Oregon regional disease test. The licensure of vet techs is mandatory in the state of Oregon, and it must be mentioned that veterinary technicians who intend to work in research settings such as laboratories must pursue specialty certification that is offered by an institution known as AALAS, or the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.